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White clam

Brown clam

Whole Squid block

Clean Squid block

Clean Squid IQF

Stuffed Squid

Cut Squid

Alaska pollock fillet skin on

Alaska pollock fillet skin off

Saithe fillet

Atlantic Red fish fillet

Pacific red fish fillet

Halibut fillet

Yellow sole fillet

Pangasius fillet interleaved

Pangasius fillet iqf

Salmon fillet

Tilapia Fillet

Peeled Shrimps

Cuttelfish roe block

Cuttelfish roe IQF

Baby octopus India

Baby octopus Vietnam

Baby Squid block

Baby Squid premium

Cuttelfish block

Cuttelfish iqf

Tube Calamar pota interlleaved

Clean Tube pota iqf

Squid ring

Tilapia Fillet on skin

John Dory

Silver fish

Cod fillet salted

Hake Fillet Skin on

Perch Fillet

Shrimp Vannamei

Shrimp Tails Vannamei

Monkfish Tails

Jonh Dory Fillet


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