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Stuffed squid

Did you know... the squid is low in fat and has a high protein level ideal for a balanced diet.


10/12 clean squid
400g crushed tomatoes
1 onion
2 boiled eggs
Olive oil


1 Chop the onion and brown them in the pan with a little oil.

2 When the onion is golden, add the crushed tomatoes, salt
   and two tablespoons of sugar.

3 While the sauce is cooking, cut the legs and fins of all
   squid. We separate those who want to fill and cut the rest
   into small pieces.

4 Cut the boiled eggs into small pieces and add to the sauce
   all we have to fire.

5 When you lose water tomato sauce aside and let cool for a few minutes.

6 Fill the squid and seal it with a stick.

7 Add a little oil to a pan and ironed the calamari until they are made​​.

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