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Little squids in onion.

Did you know...octopus is high in zinc, essential nutrient for maintenance your defenses, and it is also a food with a low cholesterol content.

Ingredients:(para 6 personas)

24 litle squids
4 big onions
olive oil


1 Clean little squids, both inside and outside and add
   salt to them.

2 Put little squids inside a pan with olive oil
   (without previous warm).

3 Cook little squids slowly while water reduces
   and then separate for later.

4 Chop onion and put it on a pan, covering pan
   background with oil. We cover pan and leave it to cook
   slowly, over 20 minutes to caramelize. If water lowers, we
   can put some more.

5 When onions has been caramelized, add squids to pan
   and leave them cook until they are tender. Taste all and
   add more salt if need.

6 Finally, make your dishes.

Recipe from the book: "El que es menjava a casa". Carles Ginés.

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