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Jagung Soup · Crab and corn

Did you know...crab is rich in protein and also provides an essential amino acid called L-tyrosine it is especially useful for enhancing mental capacity.

Ingredients: (for 5 people)

1/4 onion (chopped fine)
2 clove garlic (chopped fine)
1 litre of chicken broth
300 gr of sweet corn
200 gr of crab meat
1 little spoon of ginger (chopped fine)
2 little spoon of corn flour and 1/3 water glass (mix fine)
1/2 little spoon of salt
Olive oil


1 On a big pot, we saute onion, ginger and garlic with a
    couple of little spoon of olive oil.

2 When the mix is golden, we add chicken broth.

3 Now, when broth starts to boil we add corn, crab meat and
   the previous corn flour mix with water and salt.

4 We cook while five minutes without stopping mixing all

5 Take out from fire and make your dishes.

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